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The ideas are put to metal:

  1. City Shopping Bag: Boston
  2. Dunkin’ Donuts® Shopping Bag
  3. Two Hands® Greeting Card
  4. Skylines Ornament: RI State House
  5. The Music School: Pin on Tent Card
  6. Gates of Newport Ornament
  7. CVS Pharmacy Ornament
  8. Foley’s Valet Key Ring
  9. Neiman Marcus: Christmas Buggy
  10. Benefit Street Bookmarks
  11. “Middle Division” Ornament
  12. Megan’s Candle Tac Pin
We have a staff of talented, creative people who understand what it takes to design with metal. Custom designing of decorative items is as easy as asking if we can do it. All we require are the details of your idea. For a nominal fee, we create your design on paper first, and with your approval and input, then sample in metal. All tooling is computer generated to your precise requirements.

Please understand that we are not a sample house and our primary goal is to go from design to production. Therefore, there are minimums expected for every product we design and produce samples of.

Your design stays your design. That is a promise we have kept since 1982 when the company was founded, and we do not ever plan to break that promise.

The cost is reasonable:

  1. A one-time charge for designing and tooling will be quoted to you when we see your idea. This quote will include:
    a. Cost of designing, and sampling in paper and metal
    b. Cost of production tooling
  2. The individual cost of each item is estimated after design approval, usually in the paper stage. When the final metal sample is approved, a final price for the product is confirmed.
  3. There is a minimum of 250 pieces per custom design as your initial order. Quantities after that are determined by the tooling yield, which is determined by the size of your design.


Brass, Bronze, Copper, Nickel, Stainless, Sterling Silver

Metal thicknesses: .004” – .060” (inches) for pierced and surface etching. If you have thicker requirements, please ask us. We will surface etch up to .250″. Very often the design dictates capability in metal thicknesses. Plating is available in Gold, Silver, Palladium, and Imitation Rhodium over brass. Some specialty color finishes are also available.


Turnaround time from design to production can be as short as 2-3 weeks, but plan on 4-6 weeks for most designs. 3-D ornate assemblies may require longer design and manufacturing time.


All our communication can be done via email, fax, and phone. It’s that simple.
Communicate to us at: [email protected] or 401 781-6813 fax or by phone, toll free within the USA, 888 781-6800 and 401 781-6800, ext. 132 or ext. 5.

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