Beryllium Copper

Beryllium Copper Part

Beryllium Copper Part

This relatively simple Beryllium Copper part has an interesting history which demonstrates the value of the chemical machining process and International Etching’s attention to its customers and the details of their products.

This part was chemically machined as a a flat blank for a complicated subsequent form. The undeveloped length, as calculated by the customer, was .025″ too short. This was only discovered at the forming step. An emergency call was made to International Etching at 4:00PM and the problem explained. By 12:00 Noon the next day the photo tool had been re-plotted and the product was re-etched, and shipped later that same afternoon. Crisis averted.

Sometimes the ability to make a feature revision within a short timeframe is invaluable. Photo-tooling and machining offers that kind of ability when absolutely required.

Material: Beryllium Copper, .015″ thick

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