Covers, Shields and Enclosures

Pepin Covers
Covers, shields and enclosures are essential and common components used in the electronics industry. This product type is a natural for the photochemical machining process and offers several competitive advantages over more traditional metal fabrication methods.

The above parts were chem-milled from .010″ nickel silver with etched-in score lines for easy bending. The nickel silver allowed brazing without a costly plating operation. The score lines enabled the product to be hand-bent right at the assembly bench without the time consuming hand tooling for forming. Score lines enabled each component to be bent evenly, stress-free, along pre-determined scores ensuring dimensional uniformity. This product is thus a highly cost-effective alternative to a hard-tooled process.

    Project Details:

  • .010″ Nickel Silver
  • Run of 1500 pieces.
  • Formed and bulk packaged.
  • Minimal tooling cost.
  • Shipping time: 10 business days from receipt of order.

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