Capabilities and Tolerances

Etched Shapes

What are our tooling capabilities?

Generation of precision photo-tooling requires customer supplied dimensions via sketches or drawings. Data is transferred to high resolution films, stepped and repeated to exact multiple images, and where it then becomes a permanent, non-wearing photographic tool. Modern digital photography can utilize customer-supplied PC/MAC-based programs as well as all Autocad versions and DXF and GBR files. Standard tool production time is 2-3 days but can be several hours if necessary in a must-have situation.

What dimensions and tolerances are possible?

A general guideline for tolerance is +/- 10% of metal thickness. This guideline, however, does not express the ultimate capabilities of the photo-chemical machining process since variable etch factors and reduced sheet size can enhance dimensional control. Normally the diameter of a hole or width of a slot needs to be equal to or exceed the metal thickness. Added serifs can achieve any desired corner geometry. Center to center locations are a function of the photo-tooling and are extremely accurate. Since many parts can be stepped and repeated per square foot matrix size, repeatability of shape is consistent and no tool wear guarantees uniformity.

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