Illustration of Grey Photo-Etched Pieces

Tooling Costs

Lifetime tooling is generally $200- $400. Lot charges for samples or prototypes will vary. The costs are far more reasonable than most other metal fabrication costs because of the flexibility to produce small or large lots. Volume costs can be as low as $ .10/square inch. Typically, the smaller and thinner the part, the lower the price per piece. Large lots or production runs, because of efficiencies, will reduce the per part cost. Ask us to quote!

Here is one example of how photo-chemical machining can save you money:

Formed covers, or shields, with tabs for plug-in insertions are a good example. Etched from flat sheets, fold-up lines may be fabricated within the photo-tooling by means of score lines, interrupted dash marks, or centerline perforations to be hand bent at a bench assembly at no additional hard tooling costs. Parts will form easily at repeated specified dimensions and consistently at significant savings to tooling.

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