Photo Resist Lamination

Step 1: Dry film photo resist is laminated to the sheets of metal.

Images Transferred to the Metal

Step 2: Images are transferred to the metal by contacting the film tool to the laminated metal sheet and exposing to ultra violet light.

Loading Metal into Etching Machine

Step 3: After developing the image onto the resist, the exposed sheet of laminated metal is loaded into the etching machine.

Etching Chamber

Step 4: In the etching chamber chemistry is sprayed top and bottom to etch both sides of the metal sheet at the same time.

Removing Etched Sheet

Step 5: A conveyorized system moves the metal sheet thru the chemical process where the etched sheet is removed and the process of chemical-milling is completed.

Etched Metal Sheet with Pieces Removed

Step 6: Etched metal sheet with pieces removed, which are formed and manipulated later. The pattern and shape in this photo was surface etched as well as pierced all in the one process.

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